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‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Part 2 Release Announced 2022

'Alchemy Of Souls' Part 2 Release Announced; New Season To Feature Go Yoon-jung

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‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Part 2 Release Announced 2022


While “Alchemy of the Soul” part 1 is coming to an end, its makers have announced its second part, which will see some changes. Learn more here.

The ongoing Korean fantasy drama “Soul Alchemy” is currently entertaining the masses with just the right amount of emotion and action. The show revolves around a witch and her quest to help a man. While the first part of the show is set to wrap up on August 28, its makers have already announced the second part and announced its release date.

The producers of Soul Alchemy recently gave fans of the show an early Christmas gift when they announced the release date for the upcoming installment. Two days before the end of the show’s first part, on August 26, its producers revealed that viewers won’t have to wait long for the show’s second part. They revealed that Soul Alchemy Part 2 will hit viewers’ screens in December 2022. However, there are some changes to the show.

Soul Alchemy tells the story of a fascinating and magical magical world whose fates are entangled by witchcraft, exchanging human souls. The show is on tvN and also on OTT giant Netflix. The official synopsis of its first part reads: “A powerful witch meets a man from a prestigious family in the body of a blind woman, and he wants her help to change his destiny.” Alchemy of the Soul Part 1 by Jung So Min, Lee Jae Wook , Shin Seung-ho and Hwang Min-hyun.

More on the cast of Soul Alchemy Part 2

The show has received mixed reactions from fans. While it has surprised a lot of people over the past 10 weeks, some fans weren’t too impressed with its plot. However, despite all the odds, Alchemy of the Soul’s producers promise the show will return in December with 90 percent of the original cast. According to a report by KdramaStars.com, Jung So-min, the protagonist who plays Witch Wudok, will not be participating in the upcoming show.

Jung So-min entertained audiences for 10 weeks as the shadow assassin Wu-deok imprisoned in the corpse of a maid. The new part of the show will reportedly star Go Youn-jung, known for her work at law school, Sweet Home, and more.

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