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‘The Mummy’ Reboot Director Calls the Tom Cruise Film “The Biggest Failure of My Life”

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Alex Kurtzman admitted there are “1,000,000 matters” he regrets approximately the 2017 film that still starred Russell Crowe and Sofia Boutella.

Alex Kurtzman is now no longer retaining his emotions approximately making The Mummy below wraps.

Kurtzman, who’s a author, director and government manufacturer on Showtime`s new sci-fi collection The Man Who Fell to Earth, spread out to the Bingeworthy podcast on Friday approximately his “brutal” enjoy as helmer of the Tom Cruise-starring movie that became an meant reboot of the Mummy franchise.

The project, which became launched in June 2017 and have been expected as launching Universal`s cinematic Dark Universe focusing at the studio`s film monsters, became unsuccessful seriously and commercially, and Kurtzman hasn`t directed a function since.

“I generally tend to enroll in the factor of view which you examine not anything out of your successes, and also you examine the entirety out of your failures,” Kurtzman stated. “And that became in all likelihood the largest failure of my life, each in my view and professionally.

There`s approximately 1,000,000 matters I remorse approximately it, however it additionally gave me such a lot of items which are inexpressibly beautiful. I didn`t emerge as a director till I made that film, and it wasn`t as it became well-directed — it became as it wasn`t.”

Kurtzman, who formerly labored as a author on such films as Transformers (2007), Star Trek (2009) and Cowboys & Aliens (2011), stated he now is familiar with greater approximately filmmaking after having long gone via that process.

“And as brutal because it became, in lots of ways, and as many chefs withinside the kitchen as there were, I am very thankful for the possibility to make the ones errors as it rebuilt me right into a harder person, and it additionally rebuilt me right into a clearer filmmaker,” he shared. “And that has been a actual gift, and I sense the ones items all of the time due to the fact I`m very clean now after I have a sense that doesn`t sense right — I am now no longer quiet approximately it anymore.

I will actually now no longer continue after I sense that feeling. It`s now no longer really well worth it to me. And you can`t get to that region of gratitude till you`ve had that type of enjoy.”

Jenny Lumet, who’s additionally a author and government manufacturer on The Man Who Fell to Earth, became a visitor with Kurtzman at the podcast. Lumet, who has a tale credit score on The Mummy, stated she is “very thankful” to have labored at the movie and added, “I don`t suppose that I can be right here now with out that enjoy.”

The Hollywood Reporter`s 2017 evaluate of The Mummy, which additionally starred Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis and Sofia Boutella, referred to as the movie an “inauspicious starting to a would-be franchise.” It presently holds a sixteen percentage approval score on Rotten Tomatoes.