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Pique’s commission to play in Saudi Arabia is 225 crores

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Pique’s commission to play in Saudi Arabia is 225 crores.

His big identity is the defender of Barcelona. Yet, in recent times, Gerard Pique’s big identity has become a businessman, even impressing the players!

He owns a business called Cosmos and has a hand in reforming the Davis Cup in tennis. And has bought ownership of Spanish club FC Andorra. But apart from all this, who knew that PK has found a way to earn income in commission-trade as well!

That’s what the Spanish newspaper El Confidential is investigating. For years, the Spanish Supercup has been held in Saudi Arabia. Instead of Spain, in exchange for which the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). That was reported to receive around 25-35 million euros.

Now, according to El Confidential’s investigation, Baria defender Pique was involved in taking the tournament to Saudi Arabia. And as a ‘commission’, about 24 million euros would be deposited in his bank account. More than 225 crores in Bangladeshi currency!

El Confidential released a full report on Monday on the role of PK. And RFEF President Luis Rubiales in how the whole process took place, how the money was transacted. El Confidential also leaked parts of the conversation between PK and Rubialis, claiming. that they had the audio and contract documents of the phone conversation.

According to a report by El Confidential, the Spanish Federation (RFEF) will receive at least 40 million euros. Just for each edition of the Spanish Supercup in Saudi Arabia. And PK? His company will receive 4 million euros per season from this contract. The contract is for six years, which means that the total will go to the pocket of 24 million Euros!

An excerpt from a phone conversation between the two shows that PK was inspiring Rubialis to agree to a deal. Rubiales told PKK that Real Madrid would not agree to pay at least 6 million euros to play in the tournament outside of Spain. “If the money is real and Real Madrid wants 6 million euros, they will be paid 6 million,” said Pique. In that case, Barcelona will also get 6 million. The rest will get 2 million and 1 million. ‘

In Spain, the way the Super Cup was held according to the previous schedule. only the league of the previous season and the Spanish Cup winners played in the two-leg final. But in the Spanish Federation’s contract with Saudi Arabia. Besides the league and the cup winner, the cup finalist and the second team in the league (outside the cup winner or runners-up) play in the Super Cup. After two semifinals, one leg final – this is the new table.

What will be the benefit of the Spanish Federation in taking the match to another country? We can also urge Saudi Arabia for more money, saying that without (more money) Real Madrid might not want to go there. If you host this tournament in Spain where it will be difficult to earn even 3 million, you can consider this offer instead. ‘

In the deal, however, the money did not flow directly into the account of Pick’s company, Cosmos. No matter how veteran the businessman, he is a player! He is also a Barcelona player who took part in the tournament. He was the one who took part in the organization of the tournament where the conflict of interest arose. That is why the money did not go directly from the Spanish Federation or Saudi Arabia to the account of Pick’s organization.

When the agreement was finally signed in September 2019, there was also a phone conversation between PK and Rubiales. Rubyless’s message to PK, ‘You look great, Jerry (Pick’s nickname). I am not congratulating you on yesterday’s great match or your goal. What I mean is that an agreement has been reached with Saudi Arabia. Thank you for everything Whenever you need something, I’m here. ‘

If not in Saudi Arabia, PK-Rubialis had planned to host the previous Super Cup at Barcelona’s Camp Nou.

The question of how to persuade Real Madrid to do so also came up in the conversation between the two. “I know Real Madrid (offer to play at Camp Nou) will say ‘no’, but it is better.” Then we can say in the future, we wanted to play in the biggest stadium (Camp Nou) or the stadium of the League Champions (Barcelona). In that case, there will be logic in our words. ‘

Not only the Spanish Supercup but also the Japanese company Rakuten’s sponsorship of Barcelona, ​​according to the investigation.


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