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Nassau police release ID of victim in fatal Albertson dog mauling

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Nassau police found a resident at the Terrace Court scene in Albertson on Wednesday, identified Thursday as Marina Verriest, 70, killed by her late stepson’s pit bull, authorities said.

Nassau police confirmed Thursday that a 70-year-old woman named Marina Verriest was mauled to death by a pit bull at her Albertson home on Wednesday afternoon.

The bulldog was shot while turning to Nassau police who responded to the Terrace Court home, owned by Verries stepson, who was killed in a motorcycle accident “a few weeks ago,” said Wednesday, police officers Chief Patrick Ryder’s stepson’s name, age and place of death have not been released.

Police responded after a 911 caller identified only as “a man” said “an animal” attacked his wife. Police said the call was received at 1:18 p.m.

The husband of the woman, identified as Verriest on Thursday, walked into the home’s backyard Wednesday afternoon to find his wife being “dragged across the yard” by the bulldog, Ryder said.

After the husband called 911, a Nassau police officer arrived at the home. Ryder said the 7-year-old bulldog shot at the officer, who then shot and killed the dog. Police have not yet determined the identity of the husband. A call to the home for comment on Thursday went unanswered.

Nassau police paramedics pronounced Verriest dead at the scene. Police had not been called to the home because of the dog, and it was still unclear on Thursday what led to the bulldog’s attack.

At a news conference outside her home on Wednesday, Ryder said she had “much dismembered body, arms, face and legs.”

At Terrace Court near I.U., neighbors on Willetts Road stood by Wednesday night as investigators continued to comb the area for more clues to help explain the attack.

Several neighbors declined to comment. A neighbor, who declined to be named, said he would only see his stepson walking his dog.

Police did not immediately provide an update on the investigation on Thursday.

Deadly pothole attacks on Long Island are rare, said Gary Rogers, president of the Nassau SPCA.

The county’s only known other fatal dog attack occurred in November 2015, when 9-year-old Amiyah Dunston was bitten by a pit bull while playing with friends in the backyard of his Elmont house.

A search of Newsday archives dating back to the 1940s found no similar deaths. “A lot of different problems can happen, but fatal dog attacks are uncommon,” Rogers said. -Newsday

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