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How new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will deal with economic crisis and politics


How new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will deal with economic crisis and politics

Rishi Sunak was slammed by the opposition Labour leader during his first question-and-answer session in parliament after taking over as prime minister, clearly calling for a new general election while being heavily criticized. The ruling party in economic crisis.

gentlemen. In response to Sarawak, he said that as his party won the polls and came to power, it was his duty to carry out the prime minister’s duties as leader of the Conservative Party and he would always aim to protect the people.

After five years of political turmoil, he was elected leader of the party with the backing of the ruling Conservative Party MPs and began to carry out his duties as prime minister.

But British political analysts. Mushtaq Khan said, Mr. Sunak’s biggest limitation is that he is not elected. At the same time, his party’s approval ratings have plummeted, and it will not be easy for him to remain prime minister.

The task was difficult for Rishi Sunak because he came to power through the party election process. He was not elected by the people, but became prime minister,” he said, adding – His party has lost its prestige. Again, he represents a wing of the party. There is a lot in this party too. Shared.

Many of his supporters will not forgive Rishi Sunak, even with the fall of the party’s popular leader, Boris Johnson. That means Rishi Sunak has a very limited support base.

Thus, the opposition itself has several powerful circles within the party, one step at a time, to stop Sunak. Although he is now popular with members of Parliament, Mr. There are also pro-Johnson activists, and Boris Johnson’s popularity among the party’s general supporters has not been lost.

There is even a large section behind the new former prime minister Liz Truss. Not valid for Sunak. Therefore, observers believe that the lack of absolute support will also be a major challenge for him as to what obstacles he will face in carrying out his duties as prime minister and how to deal with it.

And Rishi Sunak is only two years away from the next election. So the task of easing public thought and reducing political instability during this period may not be easy.

PhD. Mushtaq Khan said, on the one hand, the weak position in the party, and on the other hand, the severe economic crisis caused by various reasons such as the war in Ukraine – these two problems. It will also be interesting to see how Sunak responds. Because if there is a chance, there will be strong pressure inside and outside the party.

He’s a right-wing economist who modeled (former prime minister) Margaret Thatcher. According to Thatcher’s model, to balance the economy, he would have to cut government spending significantly. So the sectors where the poor get government assistance are hit. Max. The poor will come.

It’s a problem for him because he’s a member of the richest and minority communities in the UK. So it’s hard for him as prime minister to make tough decisions to cut funding for the poor. His political support is also limited.

gentlemen. Over the next two months, Khan said, people will see how much political acumen Rishi Sunak can show on this front.

Meanwhile, Labour has been calling for a new general election since the fall of Boris Johnson. Once again, in several polls, the media reported a collapse in the Conservative Party’s popularity.

Many in the party were against him. Bringing them back into a circle is never an easy task. For the first four prime ministers David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, the biggest challenge came from within the party.

Given the level of division and conflict within the party, creating a work environment with the entire party’s support will be a major challenge.

In this situation, Mr. must unite the party to lead the country. As researchers at the University of Sheffield in the UK say, the stability of his government will actually depend on how much political skill Sunak will display. Andrew Barclay.

There has been a major intra-party conflict within the Conservative Party over the past few years. Naturally, this split will make Rishi Sunak’s task more difficult – he said. For now, they want a strong effort.

So Rishi Sunak has to find solutions to two issues at the same time. The first is the political issue – the opposition Labour party is now leading in the polls by 30 points. This could be catastrophic for the Conservatives unless they able to restore the party’s popularity ahead of the next election.

The second issue is the economic issue. His predecessor, Prime Minister Liz Truss, fell for reckless management of the economy. So if Rishi Sunak can make progress on these two fronts, the party will support him.


On the other hand, the Ukrainian war has given Britain a headache overseas. This has led to higher fuel prices in Europe, which are expected to rise further in the coming winter. After the shock of the new crown epidemic, the crisis has come again.

The UK economy is under enormous pressure, so inflation has skyrocketed and everything is now beyond the average person’s reach.

Some have already expressed concern that inflation in the UK could exceed 18% by early 2023 if the war continues.

But at the same time, Rishi Sunak assumed the responsibilities of the prime minister as the first non-white and immigrant minority family member. Will it give him any extra benefit?



In this regard, Professor Andrew Barclay said that Rishi Sunak is the first Asian Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, which is a fact. All party leaders welcomed his appointment.

He said – His appointment is seen as a testament to the progress of minorities in British politics. It is also important that he was appointed by the Conservative Party, which has been criticized for years for neglecting minority representation. As a result, a large percentage of British Asians have long voted Labour.

But with his appointment, the attitude of the Conservative Party has clearly changed. Even 15/20 years ago, it was difficult for Tory MPs to see that attitude.

Controversial Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to bring changes to the social services sector, but nothing has come of it. On the contrary, much has been revealed about the poor state of the UK healthcare service during the Covid-19 pandemic. And Liz Truss didn’t get a chance to show any work either. Conversely, people’s incomes haven’t increased as much as the cost of living, transportation costs or electricity bills have risen over the past two years.

Yet in the political drama of the Conservative leadership in this crisis, Rishi Sunak’s premiership has delighted immigrants, especially those from families in the Indian subcontinent.

Emdadul Haque Chowdhury, editor of the UK-based Bangladeshi newspaper, said Mr. Murray faced many challenges and uncertainties. Even as prime minister, Sunak has inspired Britain’s ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups.

I think Rishi Sunak has a big challenge in his head and plans accordingly. He has proven to be the most capable leader of the Conservative Party at the moment. The common people are gasping too. gas, a person will respond to a crisis in a fresh way. “Initiative – he said.

Mr Sunak’s premiership has created a wave of enthusiasm among minority communities, particularly the people of the Indian subcontinent.

But how much he can sway the polls will largely depend on his ability to deal with Britain’s economic crisis.

Especially since he’s a rich man himself, they’re skeptical about how much he can solve ordinary people’s problems. However, he said he was committed to protecting at-risk groups.

On the other hand, the UK’s opposition parties, including the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats, have said that the solution to the UK’s problems is not to replace the prime minister, but to hold a general election. Some opinion polls have already shown Labour leading the way years later.

On the other hand, in the turbulent world situation surrounding the war in Ukraine, Mr. Everyone will be watching Sunak’s performance. However, many believed that the son of a non-white and immigrant family served as Mr. Prime Minister. Sunak’s election marked the beginning of a fundamental shift in British society and politics.

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